Dental And Vision

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Keep Your Smile And Vision Happy

Ensure your teeth and eyes are healthy and ready to go with dental and vision insurance coverage

Dental and Vision insurance can be confusing with so many options to choose from, but we make it easy.

Compare dental and vision insurance packages that fit your budget. There are many options for many budgets. 

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What dental insurance covers

  • Preventative care
  • Restorative care
  • Endodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Prosthodontics

What vision insurance covers

  • Eye exams
  • Eyewear
  • Lens coatings and enhancements
  • Surgery

Sullivan Insurance Agency makes it easy for you to find the best dental and vision insurance for your needs. We’ve teamed up with some of the industry’s leading providers, so you can find affordable and quality plans that fit your insurance needs. Our policy options include individual plans, family coverage, and more.

Whether your budget is tight or not, Sullivan Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect match for your budget and needs. As your partner in health and wellness, we want you to see clearly and smile confidently.