Group Benefits

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Protect Your Employees

We offer major medical insurance and also supplemental plans that can help your business retain employees.

Get started with insurance group benefits in just a few minutes.

We help employers keep their employees by providing them with a wide array of benefits.

Sullivan Insurance Agency is the premiere choice for group benefits. Help your employees stick around with an excellent benefits program. We offer full service and assistance for all your needs. Learn more about our major medical and supplemental plans and how they can help you offer better coverage to your employees while benefiting their health in the long term. 

Common Types of group health insurance options available for small businesses 

  • Fully- Insured Plans
  • Self- Funded Plans
  • Level- Funded Plans
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
  • High- Deductible Health Plan ( HDHP) with a Savings Option (HDHP S/O)

Our representatives are available at any time to answer your questions or concerns. With many plans and coverage options, we’re sure to have one that will work for you and your employees.