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It has been such a pleasure to get to know (like & trust!) Ashley. She has become a wonderful Referral Partner for me. We both are Insurance Agents and carry very similar lines of Health, Life, & Medicare coverages. Many people will tell you partnering with someone that is the SAME as you is a bad idea. Well, I am here to tell you that just is NOT the case. When done the right way, they can be your BEST allies. And I feel that Ashley & I have become good friends and business contacts.

THANK YOU Ashley for all your help & professionalism to the prospects & clients I have sent your way. You truly are a gem! 😉

Sherri Kelly

When people talk about deductibles, co-pays and networks, I cringe. Health insurance is completely foreign to me and such a hard concept to grasp. Ashley made shopping for insurance EASY! She researched, called other agents and explained everything to me step-by-step. She even submitted documents for me! She helped me find the best plan for me and my unborn child. I am super grateful for her knowledge, time and patience. I highly recommend Ashley!

Lisa Wellman

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